‘Preacher’ Season 2 Gets A Bunch Of First Look Photos And A Premiere Date In The Summer

Whether or not the first season of AMC’s Preacher was “necessary,” the highly anticipated, 13-episode sophomore run finally has some official photos and a premiere date. Much of season one served as a precursor to the main story of Garth Ennis and the late Steve Dillon‘s graphic novels, which series co-creators Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg promise Preacher will follow once it drops this summer. Rogen, Ennis and showrunner Sam Catlin will speak about this and more at a SXSW panel on Saturday, but until then, here’s our first look at what’s to come.

Premiering Monday, June 19th at 9 p.m. ET/PT on AMC, Preacher‘s second season follows West Texas preacher Jesse Custer (Dominic Cooper), his ex-girlfriend Tulip (Ruth Negga) and an Irish vampire named Cassidy (Joseph Gilgun) as they embark on a road trip to find God, who’s gone missing. Aside from Cassidy’s aversion to sunlight and lust for blood (and the almighty’s absence), you’d think this would just be a road adventure — except for the fact Jesse’s soul has merged with a angel-demon hybrid called “Genesis.” As a result, he has the power to command anyone or anything with his words.

As the first season’s conclusion indicated, Jesse and his gang were to be hunted by a mysterious cowboy (Graham McTavish) who, per his character’s origins in the comics, is actually the “Saint of Killers.” What’s more, season two adds new cast members Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones), Pip Torrens (Star Wars: The Force Awakens), Julie Ann Emery (Better Call Saul, Fargo), Malcolm Barrett (Dear White People), Justin Prentice (13 Reasons Why) and Ronald Guttman (Mad Men) to the mix. No word yet on who’s playing who, though Torrens is a dead ringer for the villainous Herr Starr — a figure briefly glimpsed in season one.

As for the new photos, there’s an umbrella-bound Cassidy facing off with Texas’ finest…

Tulip and Jesse caught in what looks like a firefight…

The Saint of Killers holding something that probably didn’t belong to him…

And, in an allusion to one of the comics’ more perilous subplots, a visibly unhappy Jesse laying between Cassidy and Tulip in bed.

All 10 episodes of Preacher‘s first season are available on demand and on through April 4th. Beginning April 5th, Preacher will be available to stream exclusively on Hulu.