Pregnant Keira Knightley Revealed That She Has No F*cking Clue What To Do With A Baby

Keira Knightley announced back in December that she and husband James Righton were expecting a baby, so one would assume that before jumping into such a enormous commitment of bringing a life into the world, you might… I don’t know, research what you’re getting into?

You would think?

But after watching this interview Keira Knightley gave on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, I’m not so sure. I am basically allergic to babies and even I have more common sense when it comes to babies than Keira Knightley does. YES, KEIRA. THE BABY NEEDS A BABY ROOM. And, no. They can’t change themselves. And, no. You don’t have to worry about the changing table being high off the ground because you might “faceplant into it.”

Somebody send some baby books or some sh*t to this woman, STAT.