A Clip Of Prince Shooting A Basket On Stage Made His Infamous ‘Chappelle’s Show’ Sketch Trend All Over Again

Prince was a legendary musician who happened to be very good at basketball, and basically every mention of this now involves Dave Chappelle thanks to Charlie Murphy. So it’s no surprise that a video that circulated of Prince playing basketball made the legendary sketch comedy segment trend once again on Thursday.

Basically, any sight of Prince playing basketball evoked memories of one of the most famous sketches from Chappelle’s Show, in which Charlie Murphy retells a story about Eddie Murphy’s crew playing pickup hoops against Prince after a night at the club. You can watch this sketch below, in case you have not seen it yet.

On Thursday, another clip of Prince with a basketball started circulating on Twitter. The clip came during a concert, with the musician spinning a basketball on his finger and shooting a jumper.

The clip was shared all over Twitter, with plenty of people quote-tweeting it and claiming it’s proof that Charlie Murphy’s story was true.

Though many reminisced about the sketch, for some it was the first time they saw it or even knew Prince had a basketball history. Which is why some other photos of Prince in uniform also made the rounds on Thursday as well.

The video was enough to get “Charlie Murphy” to trend on Twitter, and give a new group of people online more chances to say “game, blouses.”