Everyone Look At What Prince Wore On 'The View' This Morning

Under normal circumstances, a 54-year-old man from Minnesota appearing on The View would not be the type of thing we cover. But these are not normal circumstances, because the middle-aged man in question was none other than Prince Rogers Nelson, and, seriously, look at what he is wearing. A quick rundown:

  • A baby Afro.
  • Giant bug-eye John Lennon sunglasses (that he is wearing indoors, obvs).
  • A turtleneck.
  • What appears to be either a leather jacket or the single dopest Hefty bag in history.
  • Pants that are not so much “yellow” as they are “YELLOW.”
  • Platform shoes that match said pants.

I apologize for the crappy quality banner image, but I literally could not wait any longer to share this with you. I was going to explode. Prince is the greatest. He hardly ever appears on television, and when he does he just drops in on The View, or he shows up to an interview with PBS’s Tavis Smiley looking immaculate like a fancy supervillain, or he does this WHICH WE WILL NOT TALK ABOUT, or he wears yellow leggings and a leather jacket like that’s a perfectly normal thing for a person to do in public at 11:30 in the morning.

I repeat, Prince is the greatest.

Images via here, here, and here