Rachel Maddow Makes A ‘Terrible’ Cocktail In Honor Of Donald Trump

Donald Trump is not going away, but Rachel Maddow has a great solution to this gross little problem of ours… cocktails! Maddow, who is known for her mixological creations, appeared on The Tonight Show to make Jimmy Fallon a classic cocktail “in honor and in thanks of” The Donald called “The Millionaire.”

A mixture of lime juice, dark rum, sloe gin, and apricot liquor, Maddow described the drink as “terrible.” It actually has so much lime juice that it would make someone with a delicate stomach “barf blood,” but that’s a natural reaction to anything in connection to Donald Trump.

To water down the offensive sweetness, Maddow also added some “yuuuuuuge” Donald Trump brand “Swarovsky crystal” ice cubes, because that’s what makes this a truly classy, luxurious drink that only the best people would drink. Or the worst people. To paraphrase Maddow, Trump doesn’t drink, but, if he did, he would drink this abomination, and that means that every party involved is terrible.


(via The Tonight Show)