‘Game of Thrones’ Actor Iwan Rheon Thinks Ramsay Bolton Is A ‘Complete Scumbag’ Too

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04.06.16 2 Comments

After Joffrey Baratheon kicked the bucket during season four, many wondered who would step up to the plate and fill the void of “biggest douchebag in Westeros” on Game of Thrones. Well, that position has been without a doubt filled by Ramsay Snow Bolton, who has proven himself to be an even bigger psychopath than the murdered king. At this point, every Thrones fan has come up with gruesome ends for Roose Bolton’s wicked spawn, but while many noble characters have died horrible deaths, Ramsay somehow is still around to torture people on a whim.

Actor Iwan Rheon recently spoke with Entertainment Weekly about what we can expect for Ramsay in the upcoming season, and Rheon hints at a different side of the sadist.

He’s sheepish. His father is obviously not pleased. Without Sansa, he doesn’t have a much power as having a Stark and an heir. Without her, he is not what he was. He’s still sort of a bastard, really, even though he’s been legitimized by another bastard – as Sansa rightly pointed out. And we start by finding out how Ramsay really felt about Myranda.

Still, while he might have his tail between his legs, Rheon still thinks Ramsay is irredeemable. When asked about the character’s more pleasant attributes, Rheon has the only logical answer.

I don’t think he has any! He’s a complete scumbag. But I find that quite fun. He’s a fun character to play. Obviously some scenes are disgusting and I dreaded doing them. But in this kind of environment [on the set] it doesn’t feel like you’re actually doing it, you’re playing it, so it doesn’t ever become too much. What’s difficult is, as an actor, you still need to understand him in order to make it truthful and to empathize with him.

Yeah, I can imagine it’s nigh on impossible empathizing with a guy who hunts women, tortures Theon within an inch of his life and sanity, and rapes Sansa. Still, Rheon thinks that fans will be interested in Ramsay’s journey in season six.

The writing is so clever, you get to play against what you usually do. The audience knows about Ramsay now, so you don’t need to always be doing evil stuff. You can be really nice and that makes it more sinister – and that’s the fun thing to do with Ramsay. We’re trying to play against what you know.

Cool. Now that we know all about Ramsay’s evil streak, can we cut down on the sexual assault to drive that point home?

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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