Bill Maher Gets Combative With His Panel Over Islam And The London Attacks: ‘Let’s Not F*ck Around, Let’s Get Real’

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03.25.17 6 Comments

This week’s Real Time with Bill Maher was an exercise in testing Bill Maher’s patience. The bulk of the show focused on Trump, but there were several moments where it seems like Maher’s patience was shoved to its limits or he was forced into a spot where he didn’t have control. The fieriest moment likely came ahead of the New Rules segment when the host brought up the London Attack this week and once again fell into battle against Islam.

Maher claimed that the attack once again proved that you can’t say it has “nothing to do with Islam,” which prompts Louise Mensch and Chris Hayes to disagree and say that exact thing. Mensch uses the IRA and Timothy McVeigh as non-Islamic examples, attempting to counter Maher’s assertion that there are no “Christian terrorist armies like ISIS” running around attacking and yelling “Merry Christmas.”

He lists several Islamic terrorist groups while asking the panel to name similar Christian groups, something which doesn’t go well and devolves into Maher yelling, “Let’s not f*ck around with this anymore, can we get real,” before ending the segment abruptly. That didn’t stop the discussion from making a reappearance at the end of the show in Overtime, morphing from talk about Brexit into terrorism and Islam around the globe with some more Maher frustration.

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