Rebecca Ferguson’s Bare-Minimum Hints About ‘Silo’ Season 2 Should Perk Up The Ears Of Hugh Howey’s Readers

(Potential spoilers for Silo and Hugh Howey’s Wool omnibus will be found below.)

If it seems like Rebecca Ferguson is everywhere these days, then it’s high time that it felt that way. She’s currently on tour to promote Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One and attended the NYC premiere while clad in a glittering Maison Natan gown with some sort of funky statement necklace. The ensemble is a far cry from the coveralls that she mostly sports in Silo, although the necklace does look like something that could be useful in mechanical.

Speaking of Silo (which you really should watch), Apple TV+ has greenlit a second season, which is already shooting in London. As Ferguson cautiously hints above, Juliette experiences a sensation that provides clues on whether her next location matches up to that of the books. Readers who are also viewers will know that the show already departed in a few significant ways from the books, and that includes fleshing out Juliette’s past love life along with adding Common’s Inexplicable Leather Jacket. The end of the first season matches up, however, with the halfway point of Wool, where Juliette leaves the silo, does not die, and disappears over the hill while Bernard freaks out because she’s about to discover a bunch of silos over the hill. And she does.

Those who have read Hugh Howey’s Wool omnibus can guess what probably happens next, but is Rebecca providing any clues? As she told Variety from the M:I red carpet, “We’re right in the middle of it. It gets incredibly intense… wet.”

She, of course, couldn’t say much, but in the source material, Juliette does end up in an abandoned silo, where she encounters a man who has been living alone for decades. He has dubbed himself as “Solo,” and the moniker sure fits. However, the lowest third or so of the silo is flooded, and Juliette ends up submerging herself and traveling to the bottom in an attempt to get the structure’s pumps working again. So, at least we know that this will happen in the show, and it should be even more nail-bitingly tense than the water-bound scene where she saved her silo’s generator in Season 1.

It does seem hard to imagine that Season 2 won’t (once more) add shading to the source material, or Season 2 would become like a play, mostly only between Juliette and Solo, so we’ll have to see what changes do arise. Here’s what Rebecca previously declared of the show’s future:

“I think two, three years ahead. Right now, sir, it’s one fantastic f*cking show, and we’ve green-lit number two. Apple is extremely happy, and I’m happier. That’s where I’m gonna leave it. We started filming Season 2 quite recently, so we are chockablock, smack back in the beginning of the shoot. I am doing this for some time in the future.”

Silo‘s full first season is available on Apple TV+.