Remembering Amy Poehler As Andy’s Rage-Filled Little Sister From The Early Years Of ‘Conan’

stacey poehler

Before she was Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, before she and Tina Fey teamed up at the Weekend Update desk at SNL, before she was a psychotic talent show producer in Wet Hot American Summer, Amy Poehler had another iconic role under her belt: Stacy, Andy Richter’s little sister in the early years of Late Night With Conan O’Brien.

There were a bunch of segments featuring Stacy way back when, and all of them pretty much hit the same beats: Andy introduces his dorky kid sister and explains that she has/had a crush on Conan, Conan says something that gets her hopes up, Conan says something that tears them down, and then Amy Poehler turns into a black-eyed, fire-breathing lunatic. Some of them very much hit the same beats. But who cares? They are all wonderful. She essentially goes from a shy love-struck kid to a professional wrestler demanding a rematch at SummerSlam in each one. You could do a lot worse in a comedy bit.

A bunch of the clips are posted below. You really should watch them at some point, if only to see a 22-year-old Amy Poehler in a horrifying orthodontic apparatus screaming about demons and threatening people with terrifyingly specific threats of physical violence. It’s a very enjoyable YouTube rabbit hole to go tumbling down for a while.

Stacy introducing Conan to her new boyfriend Kyle, played by a young Andy Daly from Comedy Central’s Review


Stacy introducing Conan to her new boyfriend from Christian camp, Justin, also played by a young Andy Daly from Comedy Central’s Review (I choose to believe Justin and Kyle are twin brothers)


Stacy finds out Conan has a girlfriend


Stacy invites Conan a St. Patrick’s Day party

Stacy invites Conan to Thanksgiving dinner


Stacy auditions to be Conan’s new sidekick


Finally, a clip titled “Andy’s Little Sister Stacy goes on Fury! (Sock full of batteries),” which really speaks for itself