Netflix’s ‘Resident Evil’ Showrunner Knows Exactly Who Should Play The Tall Lady

One of the great many (many, many, many, many) shames in my life is that I have never played a Resident Evil video game. It’s no excuse, but I (mis)spent my youth on Madden NFL 2004 — and still know every word to “Back in the Mud” by Bubba Sparxxx because of it. But despite my Resident Evil blindspot, even I am aware of The Tall Lady.

Lady Dimitrescu made her Resident Evil debut in 2021’s Resident Evil Village, a Game of the Year-winner that, nonetheless, will forever be associated with making the internet feel… things. As Luke Winkie wrote for Slate, “Dimitrescu memes and odes propagated everywhere, as she ticked all the boxes that the Giantess Hug brand looks for: She’s buxom, malevolent, lives in a regal gothic castle, and most importantly of all, is unnaturally, uncannily large, standing at nine feet, six inches.” The step-on-me LadyDimitrescu subreddit has over 68,000 members — and it’s very NSFW, unless you work at the Macrophilia Store. Then it’s probably your home page.

Now that there’s a Resident Evil show, can people whose favorite episode of Futurama is “Amazon Women in the Mood” expect to see Lady Dimitrescu?

“I will say, in the writers room, this is the No. 1 question I get asked. ‘Question’ undersells it. I would say demand. I would say it’s the No. 1 demand,” showrunner Andrew Dabb told Decider. “As the show moves forward, we will start to see more characters from the games show up. And certainly everyone is very, very motivated to make that work. Let’s just put it that way.” He also revealed who he wants to play her:

“There are certain actresses in mind who I think would do an amazing job. I think Eva Green would be great. But that being said, I’m sure there are actresses out there who would kill it that we’re not even thinking of.

Elizabeth Debicki needs to fire her agent if she doesn’t at least get an audition.

(Via Decider)