Retta Answers The Question We’ve All Been Asking: Who Has The Best ‘Parks And Recreation’ Butt?

11.09.13 4 years ago 2 Comments

donna aziz

Twitter spokesperson/real-life Donna Meagle Retta dropped by Reddit yesterday to answer questions about Parks and Recreation, why isn’t Parks and Recreation on right now, and who can we yell at until Parks and Recreation is back. Also, butts, Parks and Recreation butts, specifically, “Who do you think has the best butt [on set]?” #butts

Let’s break this down scientifically before getting to Retta’s answer, beginning with:

Ethel Beavers (you’ll just have to imagine)


Sheep Orin


Sewage Joe

sewage joe

Anddddddd that’s everyone I can think of on Parks and Rec. Let’s see what Retta said.

I would have to say Chris Pratt, now that he’s all buff and cock diesel.

Ah! Of course. That guy. Also:

Hello Retta! Is Jim O’Heir anything like Jerry on the set?

Absolutely not. Jim is the most crass person, dirty-joke telling person I’ve ever met in my life. Jerry would blanch at anything Jim O’Heir says.

Jerry? Never heard of him. Larry, on the other hand, is his ass better than Sewage Joe’s?

(Via Reddit)

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