‘Rick And Morty’ Recreated America’s Most Bonkers Court Transcript

Rick and Morty is returning some time this year, although the exact date of their triumphant return wasn’t among the details revealed at their San Diego Comic-Con panel. But they did reveal something even better: This animatic of Rick and Morty re-enacting a real (and insane) court transcript from Georgia as performed by Justin Roiland himself. That panel — like the show itself — seems like fun on so many levels; it was definitely not a Jerryboree.

The animatic shows the characters reading a heated, very-NSFW argument between Judge Bryant Durham, Jr. and already-incarcerated defendant Denver Fenton Allen, who stands accused of murdering a fellow inmate. The verbal sparing took place in the Superior Court of Floyd County, Georgia, on May 17, 2016, and the bonkers full transcript was released to the public on June 20, 2016.

The swearword-filled argument in a Georgia courtroom is truly in a league of its own. Just when you think it’s as strange as it will get, it takes another dark turn, vacillating between the defendant making sexual suggestions at the judge and calling him a white boy (the defendant is white, by the way) and then suddenly threatening to kill his nonexistent children. And then the judge encourages the defendant to whip it out right there. No, really. That is some “schwifty” justice.

The only thing missing is the defendant demanding some f*cking enchiladas…