‘Rick And Morty’ Previews More Pickle Rick And The Wasteland, Shiny And Chrome

We’re only three days away from Rick and Morty‘s return on Adult Swim for “the darkest year of our adventures,” but why wait until then to see a brief, bloody scene from the Mad Max-themed episode and a little bit of Pickle Rick? Yes, Pickle Rick. We saw this new contender for “best alternate Rick” in the season 3 trailer, and he seems to have appendages built from the bodies of rats he’s bested in fisticuffs. The video above appears to be his victory shout (and our new ringtone).

We’ve also seen the opening credits for season 3 (now in HD), and can look forward to a video of co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon sampling the jug of real McDonald’s Szechuan sauce the fast food giant has promised to send them. We also may (or may not) get more Evil Morty this season.

Now we also have a clip from this Sunday’s episode, “Rickmancing The Stone,” which goes heavy on the Mad Max references. One of these wastelanders insists, “My body is chrome! My blood is gasoline!” Rick proves this wasteland denizen’s blood is indeed regular human blood, not gasoline. Mediocre.

Rick and Morty will continue to let literal calls to adventure go to voicemail this Sunday at 11:30 pm EST on Adult Swim.

(Via Not Justin Roiland)