‘Rick And Morty’ Released A Rough Draft Of A Scene From Season 5 Online

Rick and Morty fans know they have to be patient. The show is (in)famous for the huge gaps between seasons, or even breaking the fourth and most recent one in two. It will surely take a good long while for Justin Roiland and team to fulfill their promise of 70 more episodes, 10 of which they’ve made good on so far. So if you’re already aching for Season 5, then here’s something at least: a crude, very rough draft version of a scene from an episode we’ll be seeing at some point.

The scene was dropped online during a virtual panel Friday night that wasn’t part of the ongoing at-home Comic Con; in fact, the Rick and Morty session went head-to-head with the one for Archer. The panel included co-creator Dan Harmon and cast members Sarah Chalke, Spencer Grammer, and Chris Parnell, and they mentioned Team Rick and Morty is laboring over Season 6 from remotely during the pandemic, and assured fans that Season 5 is already in the can.

Speaking of which, the scene they shared offers a glimpse at some of the hijinks en route in the forthcoming season. It opens with Rick seemingly fatally wounded on some faraway planet, and having some deep thoughts. “I can see the end,” he tells Morty. “Oh god there’ nothing. I know I’ve always said that but my god there’s really nothing.” He’s not quite dead, though, and in the 2 ½-minute clip we get a tentacled beastie, an ocean god, and yet another romantic plea from Morty to his beloved Jessica. The scene is fully drawn and mapped out — it just needs, well, more colors, detail, etc.

There’s no release date for Season 5 as of yet, but hopefully this should tide you over. Also of note: Harmon said there was one animated show he’d consider doing a Rick and Morty crossover episode with, namely BoJack Horseman. Two angry alcoholic cartoon characters in a room might be too much existential dread for one show.

You can watch the clip in the video above.

(Via EW)