A New ‘Rick And Morty’ Season 5 Trailer And ‘Eternal Nightmare Machine’ Short Gave Fans Plenty To Dissect

Rick And Morty‘s fifth season inches closer to actually airing on Adult Swim, and Saturday brought another trailer to fans as well as a lengthy video animated by Paul Robertson set in a video game-style universe where the titular characters battled some formidable foes.

First came a new trailer for the show itself, which revealed a lot of jokes and crazy scenes but probably did little to actually spoil what’s ahead in Season 5. We know there will be a Power Rangers parody, for example, but we don’t really know why beyond the jokes about attacking a monster individually to up the drama for the big reveal.

The trailer is light on a coherent plot, but it does echo some of the big questions it’s tackled about the Sanchez family occupying a multiverse we’ve come to expect lately.

“What have we become,” Morty asks at one point. “Why are we even doing this anymore?”

In another video that was released on Friday, the titular characters see their quiet dinner glitch out into a sprawling pixel art battle very much reminiscent of a side-scrolling video game.

Unlike many of the shorts which have bridged the gap between seasons with side stories and homages to other styles, this one is much more lengthy. At more than 17 minutes, the video is nearly as long as an actual episode, though this one lets the guns and swords and lasers do the talking.

It’s a lot of Rick and Morty at once, honestly, but another way to get fans more excited for the return of actual episodes on air starting on June 20. We’ll see if fans can parse out what will happen in those episodes, but if we’ve learned anything from the show over the years it’s that even if you think you know where it’s heading, it can still manage to surprise.