Let’s Remember All The Fake Memories From This Week’s ‘Rick And Morty’

This week’s Rick and Morty turned into a clip show. It was kind of like that Community clip-show episode, only instead of the audience never witnessing any of the clips, none of these events actually happened. Yeah, I’ll let the GIFs explain it.

Here are the Smiths sharing a meal with Uncle Steve.

Only “Uncle Steve” wasn’t real.

The Smiths, and Mr. Poopybutthole, would be on the lookout for randomly added characters.

And so the house would have to be shielded to keep the parasites from invading Earth.

This would prove immediately necessary due to the sudden influx of characters.

Things quickly got cluttered.

Then Morty figured out the secret: The parasites can only give good memories.

The Smiths apparently have terrible memories of each other.

All of the parasites were laid to waste, including Sleep Gary.

And things went back to normal.

Yup, back to — OH JEEZ, BETH!

Mr. Poopybutthole was real the whole time. It’s why he was in the opening credits.

To help cheer you up about Mr. Poopybutthole’s recovery, take a gander at one of Rick’s many catchphrases.