Rob Huebel Brings Along His Famous Friends For His New Series ‘Do You Want To See A Dead Body?’

If you were asked by a friend to go see a dead body, you’d probably have a few questions, including “Why are you asking me this,” and, “Why do you know about this?” However, if that friend happened to be actor Rob Huebel, you’d probably still be asking those questions. But would it make you more inclined to shrug off those reservations and take him up on his offer?

Though everyone’s answer would likely vary, that’s the premise for the new web series Do You Want To See A Dead Body?, premiering November 15th on YouTube Red. Based on Huebel’s Funny Or Die shorts, and riffing its premise from Stand By Me, each installment of the web series pairs Huebel off with the likes of Adam Scott, Danny Pudi, Alexandra Daddario, and Terry Crews (among others) as he entices them with an offer to go see a dead body. Along the way, their quests get sidetracked by everything from quicksand to nude beaches, because no one ever said going corpse-watching was going to be easy.

While the trailer showcases a kind of unchecked, off-the-cuff comic sensibility, Huebel told us earlier this year that the show itself is scripted, with him and his guest stars all playing themselves, but does tend to rely on their real-life comic rapport. It’s also one of a handful of original offerings by YouTube Red, YouTube’s foray into the ever-growing streaming wars that currently offers a variety of original content, including full-length films, documentaries, educational programming, and scripted series.

Do You Want To See A Dead Body premieres November 15th on YouTube Red