This Robert Durst Email Shows He Knew ‘The Jinx’ Probably Wasn’t A Good Idea

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HBO’s The Jinx was a quiet success story for the network that blew up into a full blown viral event once its focus, Robert Durst, was picked up for first-degree murder charges the day the finale aired on the network. Many people who hadn’t even thought about watching the docu-series binged watched the entire thing to catch up on the story and Durst’s weird mannerisms became a bit of an internet sensation.

Now Andrew Jarecki has walked away with a Creative Arts Emmy for best documentary or nonfiction series and the director shared an email on stage that he received from Robert Durst before the end of the series. If the report at Deadline is to be believed, Durst probably knew things were about to turn south:

Accepting the award, Jinx director Andrew Jarecki read an email sent by Durst in which he said, ‘I’m going to watch Episode 6 and then decide if I’m going to Cuba.’ “He didn’t go because he was arrested and that’s testament to the power of television,” Jarecki said. He gave thanks to his wife for overcoming her better judgment to allow him to “intentionally antagonize a triple homicide suspect.”

Some would argue that Durst knew what he was doing the entire time and his off-camera confession was a planned event. I like to think this gif describes the truth.

Jarecki has no idea because Durst is currently sitting in prison down in New Orleans according to Deadline. Jarecki doesn’t think that’s the end, though, adding: “I don’t think it’s impossible we’ll end up talking again.” Maybe another series about the trial?

(Via Deadline)

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