Robert Kirkman Has No Patience For Your ‘Walking Dead’ Questions Or College Courses

Entertainment Writer

If you weren’t aware, Robert Kirkman is a pretty fun interview. He shows off during this chat with Conan and it’s really entertaining. Not only is he funny, but he’s pretty blunt about his own career, the success of The Walking Dead, and his feelings about certain fans.

For Kirkman, his treatment of fans on Twitter who are constantly answering questions he cannot answer is a slice of fun. I like a guy who has a fun online presence that isn’t soaked in irony or outrage at every turn. Kurt Sutter is usually pretty entertaining for other reasons, but Kirkman having some real fun with his fan’s emotions is good. You’d think George R.R. Martin would be the same way if he had a Twitter as opposed to a Livejournal, at least before he was driven insane by the random eggs asking him to start writing.

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