Batman Has A Plan To Kill Almost Everybody In The Teaser For ‘Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3’

Robot Chicken is getting a third shot at making DC Comics large stable of characters look silly and judging from this trailer, October 18th is going to be a good night. The first two specials were a lot of fun to watch, particularly when Bane was going around constantly breaking Batman in half. This time around, Batman is looking to do the breaking. He’s got a file on all of the heroes he’s supposedly friends with (much like in the actual comics), and he’s showing it off to a very curious and pathetic Robin.

Also involved in this special is a nice Dukes Of Hazzard chase sequence, complete with Wonder Woman as Daisy Duke and Aquaman looking foolish. There’s also Batman attempting to run around the globe to bring back his dead parents (all at the insistence of Superman, the super dick).

(Via Adult Swim)