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Finally, someone has made a painting of Rolling Stones guitarist Ronnie Wood as a vampire to promote FX airing “True Blood” in the U.K.  (They don’t have HBO in England, which if I remember correctly is why the pilgrims originally left for America. )  The artist is Paul Karslake, the man who painted Keith Richards as a pirate, inspiring Johnny Depp’s performance in Pirates of the Caribbean.  The bid for this moving piece of work is presently £520 (about $830) on eBay.

As brother-in-law to Rolling Stones guitarist, Ronnie Wood, Paul was inspired to create this completely unique painting– a graphic depiction of Ronnie as a blood crazed vampire biting into the neck of a blonde victim.

Yeaaaaaaahhhh… “depiction.”

FX has decided to give fans of True Blood and the Rolling Stones the unique opportunity to own this exclusive piece of art. FX will donate all proceeds from the sale of the painting to blood charities.

Thumbs down.  Why waste perfectly good paint on Ronnie Wood?  I’d much rather have a painting of Mick Jagger as Godzilla leveling Tokyo.  **puts on monocle** “The brush strokes lend a sense of motion to the image, which I see as a metaphor all the poon Jagger crushed on their ’72 world tour.”

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