The Most Painful Betrayals From ‘Rome,’ Ranked

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Long before the machinations of the Targaryens and Lannisters, Rome was the crown jewel of HBO costume dramas. Bringing a tumultuous period in history to vivid life, the drama brought a lavish interpretation of history into viewers’ homes. As fans watched the rise and fall of Caesar and the chaos that came after, they were also treated to characters that made deeply human decisions. While we want to assume that man’s better nature will win out, that is usually not the case. On Rome (which you can stream anytime on HBO Now), power is paramount, and the pursuit of power often has no limits. That leads to pain on many counts, as the sting of betrayal often comes with grave consequences. As you relive the backstabbing both literal and emotional, know that it was all done for the glory of Rome.

9. Niobe Cheating On Vorenus

In Niobe’s (Indira Varma) defense, she did think that her husband, Lucius Vorenus (Kevin McKidd), was dead, but she still handled things in the worst way possible. Seeking solace in the arms of her sister’s husband, Niobe bore a child, which was a shock to her returning husband. However, she decides to pass the boy off as her grandchild instead, placing the blame on her eldest daughter. While the lie may have served her well in the short term, the guilt and fear that came along with it was eventually too much for her to bear.

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