Ron Burgundy Staged A Late-Night TV Takeover With His Awkward Stand-Up Act

Will Ferrell Ron Burgundy might immediately regret this decision, as is customary, but the legendary broadcaster brought his scotchy-scotch to two late-night shows on Thursday for an uncomfortable night of stand-up comedy. His arrival on Jimmy Kimmel Live met a “much deserved” standing ovation, but what transpired next was as self-congratulatory and stilted as you’d expect. His hot takes on Buffalo Wild Wings and what Jack Nicholson would sound like at the weed dispensary won’t have you rolling in the aisles, but of course, a comic of his stature can still ask if he’s “right” all night long.

Burgundy was not on hand out of the goodness of his heart, of course. He and the mustache aimed to promote the second season of “the greatest podcast of all time,” according to Podcast Fancy Magazine, for iHeartRadio. However, might we see a true career shift on the horizon? Earlier in the evening, he visited The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to declare how stand-up comedy has been his “lifelong passion for about a week now.” Below, he shreds Shawn Mendes’ music for ripping off his tunes from — guess who? — Ron Burgundy. Sounds legit.

Finally, here’s Burgundy talking about his knock-down, drag-out knife fight with Kylie Minogue after bragging about his upcoming opening-act gig for Jerry Seinfeld. Watch out, Madison Square Garden.