Rooster McConaughey Just Scored A Serious Gift For Naming His Son After Miller Lite

If you’ve never watched Rooster McConaughey on West Texas Investors Club, you’re probably not missing too much. It’s the CNBC cowboy version of Shark Tank and Danger has spent a lot of time talking about it in the past months, and there’s good reason: Rooster is a fascinating man. His brother is Matthew McCounaughey, Oscar winner and naked bongo champ, and Rooster himself has his own storied history full of crazy antics. There’s the time he got punched in a bar, the time he brought a photo of his balls to Jimmy Kimmel Live, and of course the time he named his son Miller Lyte (with a Y, like Jackyl, so you know it’s bad ass).

It’s the last bit that’s interesting today because it seems that Miller Lite has noticed that Rooster drinks nothing but the finest, less filling light beer on the market and they’re pleased as punch with such a thing. So pleased, they sent him a “year’s” supply of the tasty beverage according to TMZ:

The folks at Miller Lite caught wind of Rooster’s brand loyalty and they’re sending him 24 cases … what they consider a year supply. Here’s the thing … each case of Miller Lite has 24 cans and if you do the math, that’s 576 beers … or 1.5 beers a day.

Year’s is in quotes because Rooster will likely run through that stash in about a month, maybe less. I know plenty of guys who could still drink Rooster under the table at that pace, but only a few have someone famous in their family (pretty sure one of the folks I know is related to a magician that plays state fairs).

Good for Rooster, finally making headway in the important areas of life.

(Via TMZ)