Rory Culkin Pressing His Manhood Against A Glass Bowl Of Strawberries In ‘Swarm’ Was Quite The Jump Scare For Fans

Swarm, the latest show from Donald Glover which explores the complex themes of fame and fandom in the 2020s, bolds asks what no show has ever asked before: what would it be like to see a Culkin brother press his penis up against a bowl of freshly washed strawberries? There is probably a reason that nobody has ever asked this.

While this might seem like a strange thing to put in a show…it is. Let’s just get that out of the way first. It’s strange. The first episode of the series shows Dre, a young fan, losing her virginity to a random guy she meets in a bar, played by Rory Culkin. When she wakes up, her hookup offers her some strawberries…while the bowl is pressed up against his naked body. It was quite a shock that might affect the berry market in the coming weeks.

The interaction was actually based on a real-life experience that Glover had, though he told Insider that he used cherries, which are arguably even more controversial because they have pits (choking hazard!). Unsurprisingly, Glover said his date was “so not into it.” Neither was Dre, and the many fans who were shocked by the penis jump scare. Who wouldn’t be! As with any good moment, fans took to Twitter to discuss:

Despite the many jokes, the series has been applauded by both fans and critics for its realistic portrayal of the negatives of stardom and fandom. But hey, just like any good Amazon Prime show, they have to throw in a penis every once in a while to make sure you are paying attention.

Swarm is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

(Via Decider)