Jennifer Aniston Believes That Ross And Rachel Would ‘Absolutely’ Still Be Together In A ‘Friends’ Reunion

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Of the six main cast members, Jennifer Aniston has had the most successful post-Friends career (sorry, Man with a Plan star Matt LeBlanc). That’s why it’s a little surprising that she’s the most gung-ho about getting the Central Perk gang back together. The Murder Mystery actress was initially hesitant to approach the idea of a reunion, but now she’s like, “I would do it.” As would, Aniston claims, her co-stars. “The girls would do it and the boys would do it, I’m sure,” she recently told Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “Anything can happen.”

But where would Rachel Green, she of the iconic ’90s haircut, be 15 years after the (for now) series finale? According to Aniston, still with Ross.

“Yes,” Aniston said definitively when [asked on the Today show] if Rachel would still be with Ross Geller, who was played by David Schwimmer. “Absolutely.”

Aniston proceeded to muse about her character’s family life, trying to figure out what age daughter Emma would be. “Emma’s grown up. She’s in college? Not yet. High school? Yeah. She’s in high school. Let’s say junior high.” (Via)

Emma was born in 2002, which would make her a 17-year-old high school student. Unless she dropped out to “pivot” away from her parents, which, fair. One of them is notoriously “not cool,” after all. Amusingly, it was Adam Sandler, Aniston’s Murder Mystery co-star, who knew how old Emma; he also offered a suggestion of what she’s doing. “She’s vaping in high school, and you’re just looking the other way — way to go,” he joked. People also point out how different Seinfeld would be with cell phones. The same is true of Friends and vaping. No wonder Sophie Turner had such a big crush on Matthew Perry.

(Via Entertainment Tonight & People)

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