Ryan Gosling Can’t Watch His Younger Self Dance, But We Can’t Look Away

Ryan Gosling seemingly has it all.

He’s an attractive millionaire who’s happily married with two kids. He’s in the middle of the best stretch of his career, from The Big Short to Blade Runner 2049, and he’s about to be nominated for his second Academy Award for his performance in La La Land, which already earned him a Golden Globe. But even Gosling — our dear, sweet Baby Goose — is haunted by his past: that time he danced to “Touch Me (All Night Long)” with the Elite Dance Studio.

You’ve probably seen the video of a pre-teen Gosling shaking his Canadian moneymaker to Cathy Dennis’ 1991 hit, but if you haven’t, Graham Norton has you covered. The talk show host forced The Nice Guys star to watch the clip with Emma Stone, Sienna Miller, and Ben Affleck, who was hopefully so inspired by those sick moves that he’ll bring dancing back to Batman. Gosling also told a funny story about his main competition at the talent show.

“My main competition were these two twins who were tap dancers and they were dancing to Phil Collins’ ‘Two Hearts.’ They had big heart-shaped bows, and they were the ones to beat,” he said. Just before going on stage, “I looked up [and] the two twins are standing there like the twins from The Shining and they’re just going like this…” This is going to be a very useful screenshot.

“Oh, you think Moonlight deserves to win Best Picture over La La Land?”

“‘Separate Lives’ is a better Phil Collins song than ‘Two Hearts'”?

“Hey girl, see this finger? It’s not the one I’m going to put a ring on.”

See? Very useful.