Ryan Gosling Completely Loses It During This Hilarious Story On ‘Graham Norton’

The last time we saw Ryan Gosling lose it on television, he was hosting SNL and couldn’t handle Kate McKinnon’s poop chute. This time, it’s Greg Davies treading into similar territory and Gosling can’t hold himself together once again.

Davies goes into detail about a particular situation that inspired his show Man Down, leading to a Jackson Pollock all over the restroom after a night of curry and alcohol.

Gosling also has a story of his own to share with the group. It has to do with a Turkish massage gone awry, with Gosling being stretched like a pretzel man and ending up with a man’s gut in his mouth. It’s somehow equal with Davies’ tale on the disgusting scale, with no fecal matter to speak of. Unless there is fecal matter, which likely turns Gosling’s experience into some sort of crime.

And Russell Crowe ends up sharing a tale about his very odd relationship with Michael Jackson. The pop legend would apparently troll Crowe, as he has recounted before, and each incident would sorta end in a similar fashion. Most people wouldn’t believe him until he got in touch with people who actually knew Jackson. They knew it was him and seemed to have similar experiences.

That or it was George Clooney as Michael Jackson according to Jodie Foster. Who knows, right?