Ryan Gosling Once Again Can’t Stop Laughing In The ‘SNL’ Premiere’s Weirdest Sketch

Sometimes it’s impressive what actually makes it to air in the back half of Saturday Night Live‘s broadcast. The closer you get to the end of the show, the more surreal the sketches typically get. Anything past Weekend Update can get real weird. It’s not always giant anthropomorphic chicken desperately in love with Ryan Gosling to the point of accidental murder weird, but you can definitely see the escalation into the strange.

But rarely does a sketch get so odd that you can’t really describe what’s happening. Here you have an old-timey love story in which the vested and scuffled fugitive played by Ryan Gosling does whatever it takes to keep his protective hen in the throes of love. The first third of the sketch focuses on whether a plane has an egg warmer so they can escape to Barcelona together, then Ryan Gosling starts laughing, because that’s what he does on SNL.

It’s almost as if the cast and crew decided to roll everyone out there in an effort to make Gosling break. It seems like an absurd love story between a man and a chicken that ultimately leads to the death of an innocent man and the incarceration of another is exactly the type of thing Gosling can’t help laughing about.

Even Kenan Thompson was laughing.