The Best Of Our Live Discussion With Ryan Hurst From 'Sons Of Anarchy'

We learned a lot from the 90-minute Season Five premiere of Sons Of Anarchy on FX at 10 pm Tuesday night. And we weren’t the only ones watching and learning. The premiere is likely to rank as the most-watched telecast aired on FX so far, breaking the record held by, well, the Season Four premiere of Sons Of Anarchy. People love this show, and one of the characters those fans like the most is Opie Winston, played by Ryan Hurst, who has one of the awesomest Twitter handles ever.

Ryan Hurst was here at UPROXX yesterday to answer queries in a live Q&A. Only some of those questions were about his appearances on Saved by the Bell: The New Class and Remember the Titans. The rest were about Sons Of Anarchy, beards, cool people he’s worked with, and how hot Katey Sagal is (Spoiler: very hot). There aren’t any other spoilers in the gallery below, however. All you’ll find down there are the highlights from Ryan Hurst’s live Q&A and a few photoshops. So pick some Cheerios out of your beard for energy and start clicking.

We’d totally watch that…


FACT: Kurt Sutter is the Honey Badger of show runners. You don’t tell him to do nothin’.
Yeah, I can see that, although I was also thinking younger Tom Waits.

Right on.