Naya Rivera’s Dad Is Accusing ‘Glee’ Creator Ryan Murphy Of Making ‘Broken Promises’ Following His Daughter’s Death

In the days following Glee star Naya Rivera’s death, the show’s co-creators Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan praised the actress for the “humor and humanity that she brought to Santana’s relationship with her best friend and eventual girlfriend/wife Brittany.” They also said that they were “currently in the process of creating a college fund for the beautiful son Naya loved most of all.”

Rivera’s dad is wondering what happened to that college fund.

In a series of tweets on Tuesday, George Rivera accused Murphy and his team for making “broken promises” and “hollow gestures.” He tweeted, “When you are part of the Hollywood elite, some people treat others as they are ‘less than’ …. vocalize a good game, but it’s as shallow as the sets on stage, that they create. Promises made in public, only to fade with time and excuses …. even in a unexplainable tragedy.” When asked if they set up a trust fund for Rivera’s son, Josey, her dad replied, “Hahaaaa.”

Murphy has since responded to the accusations. “Myself, Brad Falchuk, and Ian Brennan have committed to create a college fund for Naya Rivera’s child Josey through the Naya Rivera Estate Trust,” he tweeted. “We have been in repeated conversations with the appropriate executors of her estate.”

Rivera went missing on July 8 of last year after going on a boat trip with her four-year-old son. Her body was found five days later. The cause of death was ruled accidental drowning.

(Via BuzzFeed)