Hyundai Is Serving Up All The Ryan Reynolds You Can Handle In Their ‘Ryanville’ Super Bowl Ad

Hyundai is banking on viewers surrendering to the charms of Deadpool hunk Ryan Reynolds during this year’s onslaught of Super Bowl ads. No, Reynolds isn’t doing any sort of obscure Just Friends homage or anything like that for the auto manufacturer. Nope, it’s something more sensible. Hyundai’s spot for the big game presents a world where a community of Ryan Reynoldseseseseses live in their own magical town called Ryanville. See! Sensible.

It sounds like something cooked up by a horny Holodeck that writes Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place fan-fiction in their spare time, but as you can tell from the slick video located at the top of the post, Ryanville is alive and well. As Salt-N-Pepa and En Vogue’s “Whatta Man” soundtracks the journey, two visitors to this fictional berg are delighted to see so many Ryans. There’s police officer Ryan, dogwalker Ryan, a team of construction Ryans, a pickup football game stacked with Ryans. ALL RYANS ALL THE TIME. Seeing as the 39-year-old Canadian is a gorgeous movie star with a delightful smile and inherent likability, the two Hyundai-driving women aren’t particularly worried they’ve stumbled into a terrifying clone farm or anything like that.

We’d tell you to look for this ad during the Super Bowl, but like tons of Super Bowl commercials in the YouTube era, it’s already arrived. Oh well, it’s a fun ad with a healthy dollop of replay value. Plus, there isn’t like a creepy toddler Ryan with an adult face roaming around, so it’s very soothing to take a 45 second detour to Ryanville.

Speaking of Ryan Reynolds, he’ll be bringing the yuks and yucks in Deadpool on February 12. For a quick primer on this carnage-attracting antihero, check out this helpful crash course.