Kelly Ripa Is As Worried As Ryan Seacrest Is That His ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Gig Will Be Overshadowed By His Bad Spelling

The more time passes, the more the ABC Gods might start regretting their decision to hire Ryan Seacrest as the new host of America’s favorite pastime, Wheel of Fortune. First, the professional host joked that he was going to “screw up” the gig because he couldn’t spell. And we all just laughed it off. Then Seacrest openly admitted that he doesn’t know how toilets work, which raised some eyebrows, but was mostly overlooked. But now, Seacrest’s old co-worker Kelly Ripa seems to be throwing the guy under the bus.

Wheel of Fortune’s Vanna White stopped by Live with Kelly and Mark when she said she was excited about Seacrest’s upcoming hosting gig, even though she’s losing Pat Sajak after so many years “I was very happy because when a host leaves and another host comes in, you never know what you’re gonna get,” she explained. She’s right, you never know who will fill in for you. She added, “And I thought, ‘Pat is such a nice guy’ so I’m happy that the new version of Pat would also be a nice guy.” White then asked for some tips about Seacrest, and that’s where things got dicey.

Ripa’s husband and co-host Mark Consuelos’ said “He can’t spell,” and Ripa agreed, much to White’s shock. Ripa asked if White had noticed any misspellings in their text conversations, but she said no, but Ripa didn’t seem to believe her.

“Maybe he’s dictating a text and somebody’s typing it for him,” Ripa assumed. She then tried to explain just how bad Seacrest is at spelling, and it seems to be bad enough that nobody ever knows what the man is saying. “When Ryan Seacrest texts you, you say to yourself, ‘This person is trying to tell me something.’ That’s the first thing is that you realize that Ryan is trying to tell you something, but oftentimes, you just don’t know what that is.” Maybe he is trying to say something without buying a vowel.

Seacrest will take over for Sajak next year, and it seems like Ripa is going to keep hinting at the rumor that the Idol host can’t spell. Maybe she wants to host for herself? It seems like she needs a break from her husband Mark over there.

(Via People)