It Looks Like Sacha Baron Cohen’s Mystery Trump Project Is Actually A New Showtime Series

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On July 4th, the British comedian and actor Sacha Baron Cohen revived his long-dormant presence on Twitter to post an odd video edit of President Donald Trump ridiculing him. The stunt apparently had something to do with Trump University, but aside from Cohen’s initial tweet, he had very little else to say about the matter — leaving everyone else in the dark to speculate about what it all meant. Then on Thursday, Variety reported that Cohen was in talks with Showtime for a brand new topical series, the format of which would be similar to Da Ali G Show. Thanks to some posters spotted in Brooklyn by Vulture, said show has a title.

Aside from the reports of Cohen and Showtime’s ongoing discussions, and what the new show might look like, Variety had little else to offer on Thursday. Details were “sketchy” at best, though it seemed “at least one or two episodes have already been produced or at least roughly assembled.” Even so, neither Cohen nor Showtime were willing to comment publicly.

This changed over the weekend, when Vulture’s Gazelle Emami snapped a few photos of what appeared to be some posters for Cohen’s new program in Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood:

[It] appears Cohen’s Showtime series will be called Who Is America? “You’ve been warned,” the posters tease, while giving us the first glance of Cohen’s character — a guy suspiciously peeking out of windows with various eyewear.

If Who Is America? is in fact the title of Cohen’s new mysterious program, and if it’s the same thing as an unrevealed-yet-teased new series Showtime began promoting (albeit discretely) in late June, then it might be arriving sooner rather than later. That’s because the latter is slated to premiere next Sunday, July 15th.

(Via Variety and Vulture)