Who Was The Man In The ‘Preacher’ Cold Open From 1881?

06.05.16 3 years ago 8 Comments

In the cold open of the second episode of AMC’s Preacher, writer Sam Catlin takes us back to 1881 with a brief introduction to a mysterious cowboy, a grizzled man of few words. Confronted with an ill daughter, the cowboy’s wife asks him to travel by horse to a town two-to-three days away to retrieve medicine to save his daughter’s life. The man, played by Outlander’s Graham McTavish, agrees.

Along the way, he meets a caravan of Christians and eats a meal with them. He tells the leader of the Christian men that, no, he does not believe he is in paradise. The next morning, the cowboy rides into a town called Ratwater, Texas. Outside that town, several Native Americans have been hanged in a tree.

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