Zach Braff And ‘Scrubs’ Fans Mourned The Death Of Actor Sam Lloyd

Sam Lloyd was far from the star of Scrubs, but his Ted was an important part of the sitcom still beloved by fans years after it went off the air for good. The nuance shown by its characters made it for more than a slapstick comedy set in a hospital, and Lloyd’s Ted Buckland was a great example of that.

Friday brought news that Lloyd died of a brain tumor at the age of 56, sparking at outpouring of grief from those familiar with his work in entertainment. According to TMZ, Lloyd died on Friday after he was diagnosed with a brain tumor early in 2019.

Lloyd was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in January 2019 — just weeks after he and his wife Vanessa welcomed their first child, Weston. After a year and a few months, he succumbed to the disease.

The news brought an outpouring of grief and memories from those involved in the show as well as fans. Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence broke the news of his death to many with a tweet on Friday.

Scrubs star Zach Braff also shared condolences on Twitter, sharing memories of Lloyd making him break during filming and remembering his kindness.

If you were on Twitter on Friday you likely saw a clip of Ted from people mourning his loss and his abilities to land a joke.

Many shared some of his musical moments from the show, which became a reoccurring part of episodes later in the series.

Lloyd was known for his acting and music, and appeared in a variety of other roles during his career including projects like Desperate Housewives, Shameless, Modern Family and The West Wing. He also had guest appearances on Seinfeld and Spin City. His musical act, The Blanks, appeared on Scrubs and performed well after the show went off the air. His Ted role was also reprised on Cougar Town in more recent years.