Sam Raimi’s Clever Take On Chevrolet Should’ve Been Your Favorite Super Bowl Commercial

Horror movie master Sam Raimi shot a car commercial. It plays like a horror film. And it totally works. Why it wasn’t deemed worthy enough to air during the big game a couple weeks ago is anybody’s guess.

The Spider-Man and Evil Dead director banged out an ad for Chevy Malibu and Cruze and, having not directed a horror flick since 2009’s Drag Me to Hell, you can sense that he’s itching to get back into his favorite genre. In it, the protagonist enters what we know quickly is a haunted house. She sees strange things everywhere she turns, from a zombie-like freak out on a winding staircase, to a mirror cracking as what may or may not be an apparition approaches her from behind.

Finally, as she’s about to open a door that will likely lead her down the road to certain doom, she hears a warning.

“What are you doing? STOP!” one voice yells.

“There’s a monster in there!” another warns.

And with that, as our heroine slowly backs away, we get to the crux of the ad. A placard asking, “Wouldn’t it be nice to have a warning before bad things happen?” flashes across the screen followed be a cut to the afore-mentioned vehicles and a voiceover detailing how the 2016 Malibu and Cruze each feature a variety of safety measures designed to “help you avoid danger.”

The ad may or may not foreshadow Raimi’s next feature film foray into horror. If it does, let’s hope he goes in that direction and keeps tongue firmly in cheek.

(via SlashFilm)