Samantha Bee Finds It Easier To Buy Actual Guns Than The NRA’s Gun Safety Mascot Costume

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04.12.16 6 Comments

With 145 gun injuries and 70 gun deaths in the 72 hours leading up to this week’s Full Frontal alone, Samantha Bee delved into the subject of NRA regulations. LOL, gun regulations, you say? No, that would just be silly. There is one thing the NRA is very concerned with regulating, but it ain’t guns, as Bee came to find out the hard way.

See, the NRA has a delightful rapping gun safety mascot named Eddie Eagle — both in cartoon form and as a costumed mascot that tours schools and events — who teaches kids not to play with guns. For obvious reasons, Bee decided that she must have an Eddie Eagle costume. She soon discovered what an insurmountable undertaking this would be.

For starters, the NRA requires an 18 page costume application be filled out for parties interested in acquiring an Eddie Eagle costume including 36 rules and regulations. But simply filling out an application and paying the money alone won’t take you to Eagleville — far from it! In the nearly 7-minute-long clip that must be seen to be believed, Bee’s quest to get her hands on an Eddie Eagle costume leads her to dead end after disappointment. Thankfully, though,  in this country it’s still perfectly easy to get your hands on actual guns, as Bee demonstrates time and again over the course of the segment.

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