Drew Barrymore Eats Jerks Alive In The ‘Santa Clarita Diet’ Trailer

Why does pop culture think our collective id is so homicidal? Whether it’s the Punisher gunning down criminals or — in this case — Drew Barrymore as a sentient zombie eating the free-range jerks of Santa Clarita, Hollywood seems convinced the only thing keeping us from going all terminal on the guy with the annoying Starbucks order is a thin veneer of social mores. But come on, that guy only deserves a light beating. We all know summary execution is reserved for genuinely egregious crimes, like blasting music on your phone’s speaker in public.

As you might guess, the new trailer for The Santa Clarita Diet digs into the gory detailers of being a realtor/zombie. Sheila (Drew Barrymore) wakes up dead one day, but still walking, talking, and with a thirst for human flesh. Joel (Timothy Olyphant) recommits to their marriage despite the whole cannibalism/death “thing,” but, of course, killing people, eating them, and covering it up is a lot harder than it looks. Especially when your standards for bad people to eat boil down to “sorta annoying.” Just how many people in Santa Clarita have becoming a snack coming to them, and can a marriage survive a spouse going zombie? We’ll find out February 3rd.

(via Netflix)