Watch Sarah Hyland Of ‘Modern Family’ Trip And Drop The F-Bomb At The Teen Choice Awards

The 2015 Teen Choice Awards aired Sunday night on Fox. If you’re anything like me, you didn’t watch them or even know that they were on, because I am an adult and generally don’t concern myself with the affairs of teenagers. However, if you didn’t watch, you also missed Sarah Hyland trip and come close to spectacularly eating sh*t onstage just as the show was getting started.

As Hyland approached the stage to present the first award of the evening, the Choice Comedian Award (which ultimately went to Ellen DeGeneres because she’s apparently popular amongst teens?) alongside Pitch Perfect actor Skylar Astin, she tripped over a piece of stage furniture on her way up. Although you can’t hear it over the music in this video from Entertainment Tonight, the 24-year-old Modern Family actress exclaimed “Are you f*cking kidding me?!” after she just managed to catch herself.

I mean, can you even blame her? Those heels look insane. I have taken worse spills than that while wearing completely sensible footwear, so I can’t imagine having to wear something like those on stage in front of thousands of people on live television. It’s amazing this doesn’t happen at every single awards show.

At least Hyland had a good sense of humor about it, and shortly after tweeted about her ordeal:

(Via Us Weekly)