Sarah Palin Gives Tina Fey A Taste Of Her Own Medicine In The Parody ’31 Rock’

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12.21.15 10 Comments

NBC’s critical darling 30 Rock has been off the air for almost three years, and Tina Fey has since moved on to her acclaimed (and bizarrely misunderstood) Netflix series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and the new comedy film Sisters. But much like George Costanza boiled and fumed until he came up with his jerk store comeback, Sarah Palin decided that 30 Rock was the perfect target for her own act of comedic revenge. John McCain’s former running mate has long taken credit for Fey’s career and all-around success, as her Palin impression on Saturday Night Live is still a fan favorite, so when Fey brought the clueless candidate back on this week’s SNL, Palin countered with 31 Rock.

Produced by the Independent Journal Review, 31 Rock stars Palin as Lynn Melon, a “small-town TV writer who moves to NYC in hopes of creating a hit variety show.” Joining her are Senators Lindsey Graham and John McCain, as well as 30 Rock cast member Kevin Brown, who reprises his role as Dot Com. In addition to allegedly mocking Fey, Palin takes a swing at the politically correct with a timely Starbucks cup joke, as well as a comment about the only PC she needs that is sure to leave your pants dry.

As far as parodies go, this is certainly a video that someone made.

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