Sarah Silverman Said Jesus Christ Was ‘Gender Fluid’ And Christian Conservatives Are Upset

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War. War never changes. And the war of words between Sarah Silverman and Christian Conservatives was reignited on December 25th when Sarah Silverman announced that Jesus Christ, the savior and son of god to all Christians, was gender fluid.

By saying that Jesus is gender fluid, she’s suggesting that Jesus possibly identified as a female then male, or even neutral at some points in his life. Possibly during the 20-ish years that Jesus experienced absent from the Bible. For their part, Conservatives got really, really mad and then used an economic system as a pejorative.

While some others were just disappointed.

Then things got reeeeeally real:

In 2014, Silverman tweeted: “Happy Birthday, Jesus! I’m sorry (you) were murdered by people afraid of new ideas!” So, if you think this will be the last of a long feud and Sarah will stop tweeting blaspheme jokes on or around December 24-26th, you’re probably wrong. In fact, you could kind of look at this as a new holiday tradition. She hits all of the religions (accept the one cited above), so it’s inclusive of everyone.

Of course, all of this outrage may just be a misunderstanding. Silverman just said “Jesus” in her tweets, so we don’t know if it’s Jesus Christ she’s talking about. Could just be some guy.

(Via NY Daily News)