Sarah Silverman Awkwardly Returned A Box Of Jimmy’s Old Stuff During Her Return To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Sarah Silverman dropped by — as exes tend to do — Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote her new HBO special, We Are Miracles. Things got a little awkward.

It was one of her first appearances on the show since she and Jimmy broke up more than five years ago. Silverman memorably came on shortly after the couple split in 2008 and attempted to bury the hatchet, but a lot has changed since then. Namely, Kimmel has lost a lot of weight and gotten married.

So, yeah, things were a little weird. Sarah started her appearance by bringing out some of Kimmel’s “old stuff” (prop comedy!). Activate your cringe shield:

Whether Kimmel was truly feeling uncomfortable or just couldn’t think of anything to say, Snarky Jimmy was nowhere to be found — he was basically reduced to a puddle of awkward giggles throughout the appearance. He did, however, compose himself long enough for one chivalric act, kindly nudging the conversation toward We Are Miracles before unceremoniously bumping her for David Blaine.

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