Sarah Silverman Opens Up About Nearly Dying In An Honest And Friendly Chat With Her Ex, Jimmy Kimmel

For most people in the history of human existence, chatting it up with an ex can be cringe-worthy at best, and is usually something to avoid at all costs. But when you’re part of comedy’s elite, it’s hard not to run into your former flame at a mixer, or maybe at a mutual friend’s party, or the age-old setting of a national late night talk show. Awkward! What’s with the desk?

Thankfully, for the viewers at home (think of the viewers), some Hollywood couples handle this better than others, like former couple Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel. They dated for seven years in the early aughts and have been chummy ever since. It’s because of their close relationship (which Sarah Silverman reminds us of with some tell-all finger motions), we get an honest and friendly chat that toes the line between typical late night banter and two old friends and lovers that need to catch up on life and death experiences.

Even considering the dark subject matter, we’re able to get through Sarah Silverman’s near-death experience story and her sending of love to Kimmel’s son, who recently underwent heart surgery, as if it’s just two old friends who care for each other deeply, and want people to laugh at their penis/asparagus drawings they made while heavily sedated.