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Eva Amurri got two things from her mother Susan Sarandon: good looks and big cans. So I guess maybe that’s three things. Anyway, she’ll put all of them to use in the new season of “Californication,” in which she plays one of Hank Moody’s students who moonlights as a stripper. I should also put aside my pigheaded leanings for a moment and note that besides being attractive, Amurri’s a pretty good actress as well (I like her in Saved, anyway). At the very least, she’s dedicated to her craft:

“I had to train quite a bit,” Amurri says. “I had stripper bruises. I was quite banged up.” …

“Stripping is not easy, I will tell you,” she continues. “I have huge respect for people who do pole dancing. Stripping is incredibly empowering.”

I have huge respect for people who do pole dancing, too. That’s why I never stare at a naked woman inside a strip club. Just furtive sidelong glances. I don’t want them to think I’m some kind of perv. Do I want a lapdance? I think that’s a little too forward, miss. Why don’t we just go somewhere and talk for a while? There’s a private room in the back? That sounds lovely. Bartender, another iced tea, please.

(video of the interview below – “Gossip Girl” fans note that Ed Westwick is also involved)

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