Scarlett Johansson Confirms She Would Not Have Dated Colin Jost And His Mushroom Cut In High School

It’s hard to imagine certain celebrities going through their awkward high school phases (mostly because any evidence would be scrubbed from the internet) but sometimes, they voluntarily share their cringy teen photos for a laugh. Example: SNL star Colin Jost showing off his high school bowl cut on last week’s Weekend Update.

While stopping by The Drew Barrymore Show to promote her new skincare line, Jost’s wife Scarlett Johansson admitted that she probably wouldn’t have asked high school Jost on a date. When asked if her teenage self would have been interested in the comedian, the actress shut it down pretty instantly: “I don’t think so, no.” Her reasoning actually did make a bit of sense: “Firstly, my brother had that same haircut throughout the ’90s — both of my brothers — and I just can’t. There’s no way.”

Sure, the mushroom cut was a look in the ’90s, but for what reason? “I mean, who decided on that cut as a stylish thing?” Johansson continued. “What hairdresser was like, ‘I’ll try this’?'” It all worked out for the couple in the end, as they just had a baby and starred in an Amazon commercial. That’s when you know you’ve made it.

Even though the Black Widow star wouldn’t have gone out with little Colin, she did go out with producer Jack Antonoff, who had long curly hair and a lip ring. They even went to prom together. That must have been her type back then. Sorry, Colin!