Scarlett Johansson And ‘SNL’ Transform A Christmas Classic Into The Stuff Of Children’s Nightmares

Scarlett Johansson’s sixth time hosting Saturday Night Live was, like most episodes of NBC’s long-running variety sketch show, a mixed back. Some bits, like the thankfully Alec Baldwin’s Trump-less cold open, were pretty good and utilizing most of the program’s incredible cast while focusing on jokes instead of perceived argumentative points. Others, like Baby Yoda’s grotesque appearance on “Weekend Update,” were just plain weird. But when Johansson and the writers (including fiancé Colin Jost) really put their minds to it, they excelled without question.

One of the best examples of this was “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” a prerecorded musical number in which Cecily Strong played the daughter of Johansson and Mikey Day’s married couple. The two and a half minute music video sees Strong’s little girl recount the time she saw her mother kissing Santa Claus (Beck Bennett), much like the lyrics of Tommie Connor’s original tune imply. Yet there’s far more to it than that, because the father has been watching this whole time. To make matters weirder. it seems the parents have hired an actor to play Santa in their sexualized murder roleplaying game.

So, yeah… it’s a lot. And it only gets worse.

“That night, I laid in bed thinking about / How much I really don’t know mom and dad,” Strong’s daughter continues. “But the weirdest thing, I think / Isn’t my parents’ kink / It’s the fact that I sat watching them for as long as I did.”