NBC Has Released A ‘Making A Strangler’ Mini-Documentary On The Scranton Strangler From ‘The Office’

Just days after a long-dormant interview with OJ Simpson went public in which he described how he would’ve “hypothetically” killed his ex-wife Nicole Brown, NBC has released a compilation of Scranton Strangler-based clips from The Office. Not surprisingly, they are heavy on Toby Flenderson.

Dunder-Mifflin’s HR manager has long been a prime suspect in the Scranton Strangler case, even with George Howard Skub, the alleged Strangler, behind bars. Fans point to Toby’s insistence that Skub is innocent, even after Skub strangled him in a prison visit, as him feeling guilty for sending an innocent man to prison. That doesn’t entirely add up. Why would a murderer feel guilty? But there are numerous other anecdotal pieces of evidence that paint a picture of Toby, the maniac, likely willing to kill time and time again.

This has led to The Office‘s YouTube channel releasing a Making a Murderer spoof called Making a Strangler. It’s pretty much just a series of clips that have to do with the Scranton Strangler with a fancy intro, but it’s a nod to fans and their insatiable appetite for anything Strangler.

Maybe, instead of a continuation of The Office, NBC should just make a Scranton Strangler procedural thriller?

(Via The Office)