Screw It, Let’s All Watch Norm MacDonald’s Legendary Moth Joke Again

07.18.14 23 Comments

A few things:

  • Slow news day. As such, I suggest we all take five minutes or so and watch Norm MacDonald’s incredible moth joke, again or for the first time. (And if it is your first time, are you ever in for a treat.)
  • My favorite part of this joke is Norm’s pronunciation of the Russian names.
  • I lied, my favorite part is the thing where Norm booked a guest spot on a late night talk show and used the vast majority of his time to tell a long, meandering joke that touches on suicide and loss and deep, deep depression, all as a set-up for the simplest, shortest punchline you can imagine.
  • Norm is great at talk show appearances.
  • The reason this video is only available on LiveLeak is because Norm told this joke during an appearance on Conan’s short-lived version of The Tonight Show, and NBC has apparently seen fit to wipe any evidence of that period clean off of YouTube forever.
  • Now I’m goddamn furious all over again.


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