The Season 3 Premieres Of ‘Masters of Sex’ and ‘Ray Donovan’ Are Available To Watch Right Now

Showtime will be launching their standalone service next Sunday but the network is giving viewers a little taste of what’s up their sleeves this summer. Just in time for the holiday weekend, the premium cable service — who will also soon have a presence on Hulu — placed the Season 3 premieres of Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan online to watch for free.

The above premiere episode of Masters of Sex features a sizable time jump and picks up the story in 1966, which is the year William Masters (Michael Sheen) and Victoria Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) get published. This season brings us to the beginnings of the sexual revolution and will apparently introduce a young Hugh Hefner into the fold and bring Sarah Silverman back into the mix.

Seemingly existing on the exact opposite side of the coin is the Season 3 premiere of Ray Donavan, featured below. The story picks up a few months after Ray cut all ties with Ezra Gould and finds himself working for the Finney family, whose son has gone missing. Here, we’ll be introduced to a powerful new producer character named Andrew (Ian McShane) and Katie Holmes will show up as his daughter Paige.

It’s worth noting, both of these episodes are censored for nudity and language for YouTube audiences. If you want all the goodies, you’ll need to wait for Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan to premiere their new 12-episode seasons next Sunday, July 12th on Showtime.

(Via ScreenCrush)